YouTube API Search (by. offers you an alternative to the YouTube Data API. Without limiting resources. Search for any video with no search limits.

Simple to use and without limit
- The complete URL for request is:
- This request will give you an answer with the founded videos in JSON format
- JSON response contains maximum 20 results for each search
- View JSON file example by clicking here
- Example of site that uses our Search API:

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Results example:

"response " : "200",
"estimatedResults" : "1692572234",
"results" : [
"title":"Eminem - Darkness (Official Video)",
"duration":"6 minutes, 10 seconds",
"views":"38,115,696 views",
"description":"Eminem - Darkness (Official Video) by EminemMusic 1 month ago 6 minutes, 10 seconds 38,115,696 views"

Code exmple:

//Request results
$json = file_get_contents(''
$decode = json_decode($json);

//Display HTTP response
echo $decode->response;
//Display estimated results
echo $decode->estimatedResults;
//Display the number of results from the json response (Max.20)
echo $decode->display;

//Check and diplay results
if (empty($display))
echo 'No results where found!';
$x = 0;
while($x < $decode->display)
//Display video id
echo $decode->results[$x]->id;

//Display video title
echo $decode->results[$x]->title;

//Display video thumbnail
echo $decode->results[$x]->thumbnail;

//Display video uploader
echo $decode->results[$x]->uploader;

//Display youtube uploader url
echo $decode->results[$x]->uploader_url;

//Display video lenght time
echo $decode->results[$x]->duration;

//Display video views
echo $decode->results[$x]->views;

//Display video short description
echo $decode->results[$x]->description;